10 reasons to support the London Jesus Centre

Why should you support the London Jesus Centre? We made a list...

1) We can offer people one-to-one support and advice. Last year, 402 people received one-to-one help.

2) We help people find accommodation. Last year, 155 people found accommodation/housing with our help.

3) We help people find employment. Last year, 125 people found jobs with our help.

4) We offer free English for Speakers of Other Languages classes. Last year, around 180 students attended English classes.

5) We offer support to refugees and asylum seekers. Last year, we were able to refer 60 asylum seekers and refugees to an immigration lawyer, providing them with support.

6) We offer many volunteering opportunities. Last year, we had around 120 volunteers from our local community.

7) We give out food to those who need it. Last year, we gave out 5,781 meals to those in need.

8) We provide a safe and welcoming drop-in space. Last year, 1,024 people visited our homeless drop-in.

9) We help people avoid rough sleeping. Last year, we helped 100 people avoid rough sleeping.

10) We provide free healthcare provision for those who need it. Last year, 100 people accessed free healthcare provision at our Centre.

If you would like to donate to the Centre, please click here. If you’d like to support us through volunteering, please click here.

Published 21st May 2019 with tags: donations support

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