A piece of cake

‘Solace’ is the free monthly lunch event, held at the London Jesus Centre for refugees and asylum seekers. It’s a place where people can find practical help, a listening ear, emotional support and referrals to other services.

Katka, a volunteer that helps out at ‘Solace’, recently had an idea: to make birthday cakes for the children that attend. As a mother, she could understand how difficult it can be to not be able to celebrate your child’s birthday like you might want to.

Not that long after, a mum came in to see the support worker, and because it was half term, brought her son who was five years old that day. In the morning she didn’t have a present for him so she told him that it would be a surprise.

The Jesus Centre team found out that it was his birthday, and gave him a present from the toys they had available. This family and another one had a little celebratory lunch together, followed by ice-cream.

At the ‘Solace’ lunch, there was a handmade, beautifully decorated cake for this boy and another child who’d had a birthday recently. Katka’s family made it together and brought it along. The mum was so grateful that she came to church on Sunday, and had the pleasure of meeting the lady who made her son’s cake.

There are so many opportunities to make a difference to someone’s day. Whether it’s giving to the mum who had nothing to give her son on his birthday, or giving some time to volunteer, you can join in. Find out more here.

Published 24th April 2018 with tags: asylum seekers refugees volunteering

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