About London Jesus Centre

The London Jesus Centre is a place where people in crisis can find both the resources they need to rebuild their lives and the relationships they need to flourish.  Our services aim to restore dignity and create community, through offering practical & relational support for homeless people, refugees and the elderly.


Remodelled services for challenging times:

At a time when it is no longer safe to run building-based services,  Jesus Centre staff are working diligently to adapt existing services and develop new projects for people in economic hardship.  Our plan is to channel our resources where they are most needed and to continue to support the homeless, elderly and refugees who are struggling even more throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although our building-based services are temporarily suspended,  this has created an opportunity to reshape, develop and improve our strategy to fulfil our mission of restoring dignity and creating community. 

In the meantime, if you need support please contact our crisis helpline:



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