10 reasons to support the London Jesus Centre

21st May 2019

Why should you support the London Jesus Centre? We made a list...

1) We can offer people one-to-one support and advice. Last year, 402 people received one-to-one help. 2) We help people find accommodation. Last year, 155 people found accommodation/housing with our help. 3) We help people find employment. Last year, 125 people found jobs with ou[...]

“A place to call home”

15th April 2019

Three women who attend ESOL classes talk about what the Jesus Centre means to them.

We run ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes three times a week at the Jesus Centre, and we also have a support worker who is on hand to give advice to refugees and asylum seekers. We talked to a few of the [...]

A cure for the “loneliness epidemic?”

27th March 2019
You might have heard it said in recent years that we are living through a “loneliness epidemic”. According to research done by the British Red Cross, more than 9 million people in the UK suffer from loneliness. Whether you’re surrounded by people or longing for friends, it can affect us all at some point in […]

What does the Jesus Centre mean to you?

4th February 2019

We asked a few of the people who use our drop-in to tell us a little bit about what the London Jesus Centre means to them. This is what they said:

“Hello. My name is Steve*. In August last year, I became homeless through a broken down 14-year relationship. I came to London, a great city, where you meet all kinds [...]

Feeling Blue?

21st January 2019

Behind all this talk about "Blue Monday" or "January Blues", many people we meet at the Jesus Centre are struggling with mental health problems.

Did you know that today has been dubbed as “Blue Monday”? Apparently, the third Monday in January could be the most depressing day of the year for most people, due to a combination of cold[...]

Restoring dignity

10th December 2018
Recently, ITV News spoke to us at the Jesus Centre about the initiative Beauty Banks. We were delighted to be able to raise awareness of the increase in hygiene poverty in the UK. As the article explains, 37% of people in Britain go without hygiene or grooming essentials each day. Beauty Banks mean that anyone can […]