We’re all fishing together (Let’s Talk – ESOL)

15th May 2020
Creating an atmosphere of mutual support & discovery   Most of us are familiar with the old maxim, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime;’ an essential goal, I would say, for effective frontline work. However, the journey […]

Laundy. Showers. Respect. (New Covid-19 Crisis Hub Service)

6th May 2020
Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have continued to provide remote casework support through our REACT project. This has been challenging but effective as we have supported over 35  people to find accommodation or access crisis support. We are working with local voluntary organisations and groups in Westminster to identify where the need is greatest and […]

Let’s Talk (ESOL ONLINE)

10th April 2020
Still teaching.                Still learning.              Still talking. More than an English course For many refugees and destitute migrants, ESOL classes are not only crucial to learning English, but they also function as a lifeline for social integration and access to additional crisis support. […]

REACT (Rapid Engagement Crisis Team)

5th April 2020
The mission to restore dignity and create community means that even when our buildings are inaccessible, our team of committed workers still are.  During these difficult and unpredictable times, our renewed commitment is to be available and flexible.  In practice, this means investing time and resources into finding solutions for individuals who find themselves stuck. […]

SERVICES STRATEGY – Reshaping services for challenging times

27th March 2020
  The story so far… At a time when it is no longer safe to run building-based services, Jesus Centre staff are collaborating and are working diligently to adapt existing services and develop new projects for people in social and economic hardship.  Our plan is to channel our resources where they are most needed and […]

Spotlight on ROADMAP (Crisis support)

27th March 2020
LJC REMOTE SERVICES At the best of times, people in big cities get stuck and lost in systems they need to survive. Often the first step towards finding our way out of a crisis is to encounter a real human being. People in crisis often crash into systems, programmes, and on-hold music weeks before they […]

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