Our REACT (Rapid Engagement and Crisis Team) programme delivers critical homelessness support through running local ‘Resource Hubs’ for people in need.  Through a combination of practical help to meet essential needs and individual casework to find sustainable solutions, resource hubs exist to help people transition out of homelessness. 

We believe that dignity is restored when people in crisis are empowered with the resources they need to rebuild their lives and connected to communities that will help them flourish.

Resource hubs are places of acceptance, change and transition and are designed to tackle both the causes and consequences of homelessness.

  • Places of acceptance:  Hub’s function as a first port of call for anyone experiencing a housing-related crisis. We adopt a trauma-informed approach, with an emphasis on creating a safe and welcoming environment;
  • Places of change:  Hub’s focus on identifying at the earliest possible stage where an individual is stuck and working in a way to find a solution.  Change is a partnership process and our emphasis is on empowering individuals and building capacity to transition out of crisis.
  • Places of transition: The goal of engagement with clients is to see them flourish and transition from dependence on our services to becoming established in their local community.

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Maxwell, a client at the London Resource Hub writes:


The day I stepped into the London Jesus Centre…everything changed! I was homeless for 5 years and going around and around in circles trying to get things done. But after visiting the resource hub, within a week they sorted everything out. I came for a few showers, but left with a new life! Something as simple as ID has been an obstacle to getting everything done for so long. Not even the big day centres could help me before. With the help of the Jesus Centre Hub, I now have my ID, access to benefits and I feel 1000 times better!

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