Meeting needs

Since Oscar* from the Congo arrived in the country, he has had his asylum claim turned down, and is waiting for a response to his appeal application.

He came to the Jesus Centre wanting to learn English but, as with so many in his situation, his educational needs cannot be effectively met without other basic needs being addressed. He has sometimes arrived hungry or cold and we have been able to give food, clothing and blankets from our drop-in supplies.

Despite these difficulties, he is committed to attending his English class and hardly misses a week. There he has begun to grasp basic verbs and greetings and to be more confident in speaking. IT help has enabled him to use emails and to communicate with his family.

At a deeper level, he has sensed friendship and a family atmosphere in the Centre and has been able to communicate his happiness in finding genuine friends among us.

Last week he brought a friend for help with English and IT, and she has already joined a class and started to volunteer doing some cleaning. She was so keen that she arrived before the staff!

* Names have been changed to protect identity.
Published 27th March 2018 with tags: asylum seekers

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