“No act is too small”

Recently, a group of students from universities around London, connected to student group Koinonia, gave up some of their time to volunteer at the London Jesus Centre. Koinonia is a Christian student community, made up of students from different churches. Some of them volunteered in the Jesus Centre last year, and enjoyed it enough to return!

The students helped out in reception, made cheese toasties for the drop-in visitors and did various cleaning and odd jobs around the place. Some of them had also taken the time to bring in donations of clothes and toiletries for the refugees and the homeless. It was great to have them around the Centre for the week.

Here are a few quotes from some of the students about their volunteering experience:

“Thanks for the experience of volunteering at The London Jesus Centre. For me, it was one of the most valuable experiences of my summer so far. I’ve gotten to meet people from all walks of life and get to know them. Even though it was only a brief time that we were there, I felt that I’ve become part of the life of each person that goes to to the Jesus Centre. After doing that three days of volunteering, I now know that no act of helping others is too small or too big if you are wholeheartedly investing yourself to others.”Amiel

“It was great to work alongside some humble and caring people, sharing the love of Christ by helping and serving the homeless.”Izzy

“Helping in the London Jesus Centre made me realise how many refugees and homeless people there are in London, and how many times I walk past them and ignore them unintentionally. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to, someone to give them hope of a better future. That’s what London Jesus Centre is all about.”Rita

“I now know that no act of helping others is too small or too big if you are wholeheartedly investing yourself to others.”

“It was amazing volunteering for the Jesus Centre. It’s so easy to feel helpless when we learn about the numbers of homeless people and refugees, so it’s such a privilege to work alongside those who are making a difference in these areas and to be able to contribute to a solution! What the Jesus Centre provides for Westminster’s homeless is unique in how open they are and the way they comprehensively care for people. The team is very inspiring!”Monique

“It was an unforgettable experience, with a very warmhearted team dedicated to serving other people in need. It taught me to value the gifts God has bestowed upon us and it made me appreciate the act of giving without expecting anything in return.”Pao

If you’re reading this as a student or young person, or you work with youth/students, and you’d also like to come and do a volunteering project at the Centre, or become a regular volunteer, contact us here.

Published 20th July 2018

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