“A place to call home”

Three women who attend ESOL classes talk about what the Jesus Centre means to them.

We run ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes three times a week at the Jesus Centre, and we also have a support worker who is on hand to give advice to refugees and asylum seekers. We talked to a few of the students who come along to these classes:

“I appreciate being part of the Jesus Centre. This is because the Jesus Centre embraces people from all walks of life who are still seeking permission to live in the UK. Jesus Centre cares for the homeless people too who have no roof over their heads. They provide homeless people with food and clothes and they make them feel that they are wanted and respected in the community. The Jesus Centre is a very good place which has helped so many people in different ways.” – Bridget*

“The Jesus Centre is a place that I call home, really. Since I started coming to this centre I have all the support that I need. I can meet someone here who can help me feel better. There is also financial support for most of my needs.”  – Sharon*

“I found out about the Jesus Centre through a friend who came here. My friend told me the Centre can help you with food, toiletries, and studying English. My friend is an asylum seeker too, like me. They helped with a letter from the Home Office. I’ve been coming here for three years. London Jesus Centre has helped me – studying, food, toiletries, support letter. I also do some voluntary work here; I cook food for the ESOL classes.

“It helps me so much. Before, I couldn’t speak English, and now I’m confident. I’m not working but I don’t need to buy toiletries, I can get it all here. They also give me travel fare. Every month, we meet for Solace, all the ESOL students and asylum seekers. We chat, we eat and we can get clothes. At the Jesus Centre, I’ve made a lot of friends and now I’m confident to speak and make friends.” – Dana*

*Names have been changed to protect identities
Published 15th April 2019

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