SERVICES STRATEGY – Reshaping services for challenging times


The story so far…

At a time when it is no longer safe to run building-based services, Jesus Centre staff are collaborating and are working diligently to adapt existing services and develop new projects for people in social and economic hardship.  Our plan is to channel our resources where they are most needed and to continue to support the homeless, elderly and refugees who are struggling even more throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.


Strategy to fulfil our mission

Although our building-based services are temporarily suspended, the current crisis has created an opportunity to reshape, develop and improve our strategy to fulfil our mission of restoring dignity and creating community. Through this season of uncertainty and change, our service strategy will focus on two key areas in particular: resources and relationships


 Restoring Dignity (resources)

  • The challenge  – The pandemic poses a serious threat to basic human dignity. With imposed curfews and mass closure of services, the homeless population and the vulnerably housed will experience a crisis of resource on an almost daily basis.
  • Our solution – Across both our London and Midlands services, we are commissioning the services the REACT project: The Rapid Engagement and Crisis Team  (REACT) will operate a helpline and provide support worker services to help clients access the resources they will need to survive in the current environment.


 Creating Community (relationships)

  • The challenge –  The pandemic poses a critical threat to social cohesion, community life and emotional well-being. Refugees, migrants and the over 65’s,  will be particularly vulnerable to the crisis of relationship created by social distancing, enforced curfews and an absence of building public meeting places.
  • Our solution – We are commissioning Lets Talk – a network of online ESOL & conversation classes,  support groups and a listening support helpline services.  

Both React and Let’s Talk will build on and re-shape the core elements of our existing services.  Please click here for a spotlight on some of our core services and how they will be remodelled to serve our clients throughout the corona crisis.

We appreciate your support and patience during these challenging times.

Jon-Jon Hilton

Services Manager

Published 27th March 2020 with tags: homeless Roadmap strategy


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