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“During my hard times sleeping rough and awaiting housing from Westminster council, I was fortunate enough to be referred to The Jesus Centre with Jon Jon and his staff.

The team looked out for me providing clothes, shower facilities and laundry to keep my hygiene up. In addition, Jon Jon went above and beyond by providing constant advice on how to work with the system and encourages me to hang on when things got really stressful.

Without the assistance of The Jesus Centre, I am not sure whether I would have got through such a challenging time and I thank them for it. I would recommend Jon-Jon and his team of staff to anyone needing the support or foundation to get back on their feet and contribute to their community or society. These guys are the real deal.”

– Laurence


“The day I stepped into the London Jesus Centre…everything changed! I was homeless for 5 years and going around and around in circles trying to get things done. But after visiting the resource hub, within a week they sorted everything out. I came for a few showers, but left with a new life! Something as simple as ID has been an obstacle to getting everything done for so long. Not even the big day centres could help me before. With the help of the Jesus Centre Hub, I now have my ID, access to benefits and I feel 1000 times better!”


Published 30th June 2020


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