‘Roadmap’ – The Journey Home

1st March 2020
What if you suddenly found yourself stuck in the city, with nowhere to live and nothing but a suitcase? Here’s the story of Laura*, a 23 year-old woman who we helped though our “Road Map” project. “When I came to the Centre I had not slept for two days. I had suddenly found myself homeless […]

Welcome Project

8th May 2018
Two months ago, Elle* came to the Welcome Project. After the death of a close relative, she fell into a state of depression and lost her job in the catering industry, where she had trained as a professional chef. Eventually, after months of living from her savings (since she didn’t believe in receiving any state […]

Serve the city

18th April 2018
“There’s a line in every city that separates the rich from the poor, the strong from the weak, the haves from the ‘have-nots’. It’s a street, the train tracks, the river, a side walk. On one side there is safety, on the other there is danger. On one side there is security, on the other, […]

The Paradox of Poverty

20th March 2018
For over  a decade, the London Jesus Centre has delivered services and support for thousands of homeless and vulnerably housed people in London. Typically, we encounter those who find themselves trapped in an all-too-familiar paradox: alone in one of the busiest cities in the world and poor in one of the wealthiest places on earth. […]

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