Feeling Blue?

21st January 2019

Behind all this talk about "Blue Monday" or "January Blues", many people we meet at the Jesus Centre are struggling with mental health problems.

Did you know that today has been dubbed as “Blue Monday”? Apparently, the third Monday in January could be the most depressing day of the year for most people, due to a combination of cold[...]

Restoring dignity

10th December 2018
Recently, ITV News spoke to us at the Jesus Centre about the initiative Beauty Banks. We were delighted to be able to raise awareness of the increase in hygiene poverty in the UK. As the article explains, 37% of people in Britain go without hygiene or grooming essentials each day. Beauty Banks mean that anyone can […]

A piece of cake

24th April 2018
‘Solace’ is the free monthly lunch event, held at the London Jesus Centre for refugees and asylum seekers. It’s a place where people can find practical help, a listening ear, emotional support and referrals to other services. Katka, a volunteer that helps out at ‘Solace’, recently had an idea: to make birthday cakes for the […]

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